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Annual Report 2018

With your support, GCLEA has been serving the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia region since 2010.


Through an array of educational programs, worship services, and social outreach initiatives, we have been helping people of all ages and ethnicities connect to their faith and community in a meaningful way.

By supporting the GCLEA mission, you positively impact the lives of people around you.


Check out how you have helped over the past year below.


(Please note that the names and pics of the stories below have been changed to protect identity.)

Muslim Girl Studying


Your contributions help young sisters like Zahrah reclaim their faith.


Zahrah comes from a traditional family. Growing up as part of a religious minority, she has struggled over the with faith and pop culture. In high school, she was overwhelmed by peer pressure to date and party with her fellow classmates. She was embarrassed to pray and would never consider wearing hijab in public.


With nothing to do one weekend, on a whim, she accepted an invitation to attend GCLEA's youth group for girls. She was surprisingly shocked to find girls her age struggling with the same issues she was. With a youth leader, they talked about a range of issues from drugs to prom.


After several months of attending the youth group, Zahrah reclaimed her faith. She made a commitment to hijab and mosque life. Now she spends her spare time helping other young girls navigate the challenging road to faith in our current context


By giving today, you ensure a friendly and familiar environment where Zahrah and others like her can find the confidence they need to live a faithful and fun life.

Reading the Quran

Your support gives people like Ahmed the opportunity to transform their lives.


Ahmed is a young professional. He is a proud 1st generation American who has done well for himself. His parents did all they could to provide him with a great college education that would afford him the opportunities they did not.


His faith was not where he wanted it to be and often his main focus was school and career.


Ahmed was inspired after listening to a very powerful and uplifting Eid sermon. Since then, he has not missed a single prayer.


By contributing today, you guarantee that Ahmed and many others like him have access to the positive messaging they need to encourage them to live the life of faith they so desperately need.


Your contributions support building a positive image for Islam and the Muslims with local leaders.


Pastor Jones is a Christian chaplain at the local university influencing thousands of students. He believed Islām was spread by the sword through forced conversions.

After working closely with the GCLEA religious leadership, Pastor Jones had a change of heart.

He now believes that Muslims are peace-loving people of God who want the same things his congregation wants; faithful and peaceful lives.

He is now happy to see Muslims on campus and looks forward to the next multi-faith event.


By contributing today, you build bridges with the community around you and help ensure that what Father Jones tells his community is positive.

Muslim Mother and Son

Your continued support helps prevent those like Maryam and her son from being stranded.


Maryam is a young single mom with 1 son and many financial struggles. She recently found herself on the side of the road stranded. Traveling back home, her car broke down and she had no one to call. Not only could she not get back home but was worried about how she would get to work on Monday.


Maryam was put in contact with GCLEA through a friend in the area to request emergency help. After a thorough yet speedy investigation, Maryam was provided with an overnight hotel stay and a food card. Her car was taken to the mechanic for repair and the bill was paid. 


Maryam was able to get back home and drive to work. As she struggles to get back on her feet, the help she received was a life-changing act of kindness. 

By contributing today, you ensure that those like Maryam and her son get the help they need.

Impact of your support in 2018


With a projected annual budget of $559K,


82% directly funded programs and services.


  1. Education - Like Zahrah's youth group.

  2. Worship - By securing positive messages and a place to pray for Ahmed.

  3. Outreach - Such as dialogue with Father Jones.

  4. Social Engagement - Eid parties and community picnics

  5. Welfare - Like the emergency help for Maryam and her son.


18% funded the ADVANCEMENT of our mission.

  1. Fundraising 

  2. Management

2018 Year End Fundraiser.jpg
  • Islamic Axioms: Fundamental Truths of the Faith
    Islam is often presented in a very dogmatic manner which can lead some to believe that the Shariah is arbitrary with no rhyme or reason. The objective of this course is to connect the various Islamic sciences and highlight the principles which bind them together. Participants will gain a better understanding of the foundations of their faith and the cohesive nature of its tradition. The information covered in this course is suitable for beginners and will serve as a great reminder for advanced students. Instructor: Dr. Tahir Wyatt Shyakh Tahir Wyatt is from Philadelphia, USA. He is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, the Faculty of Hadith, PGDip in Da’wah, and both a Masters and PhD in ‘Aqidah. In addition, he has been appointed by Royal Decree, as the first American, to teach in the Prophet’s Masjid in Madinah. He currently serves GCLEA as resident scholar.
  • Explanation of the Oft-Recited Chapters
    As an important part of prayer, understanding what is recited is a major contributing factor to a meaningful spiritual experience. The objective of this course is to expound upon the most frequently recited chapters of the Qur'an in a relevant and memorable manner. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the selected chapters and strengthen their relationship with Allah's book. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of revelation in our daily lives with discussions on topics such as doctrine, worship, and manners. Instructor: Shaykh Rashid Ahmadi Shaykh Rashid completed memorizing the Quran at age 16 and posseses an Ijazah/License in “Hafs an Asim” from a renowned scholar and master of the Quran and is currently pursuing a license in “Warsh”. He is a gradute of the Islamic University of Madinah and has he earned 4 degrees; an Associates in Arabic, a Bachelors in Hadith and Islamic Studies, a Post Graduate Degree in Dawah, and a Masters in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of other Languages (TASOL). During Shaykh Rashid’s stay in Madinah he was blessed to work in the Prophet’s Masjid as a translator/interpreter for the Friday prayer services under the supervision of Shaykh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais, the Imam of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.
  • Life Lessons from the Prophet's Biography
    The life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is the most celebrated biographical account in the Muslim world. As a divinely-prescribed model for humanity, the Prophet's story should be understood as much more than a dramatic string of events. The objective of this course is to highlight some of the most potent yet practical life lessons he taught as his undying legacy. Participants will gain a better appreciation for the Prophet's life and mission and be better equipped to live a life according to his example. Information in this course will be both inspiring and informative. Instructor: Imam John Starling Imam John Starling is an alumnus of NCSU's Poole College of Management and the Islamic University of Madinah. He holds a Master's Degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Minnesota, possesses traditional ijazahs in several subjects including Hanbali fiqh from Shaykh, Dr. Mutlaq al-Jasir, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy. In the past, he has worked at the C-level in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors here at home and abroad. Imam John volunteers at Rutgers University, Camden as a Muslim chaplain. He holds a seat on the board of American Muslim Endowments and consults with communities on leadership, management, and fundraising.


Donations $230,000.00

Memberships $85,400.00

Board Contributions $73,535.00

Grants $60,000.00

Programs $57,176.00

Total Income $506,111.00

GCLEA Financial Review (1).jpg


Wages & Taxes $313,831.00

Occupancy/Rent $50,138.00

Repairs/Cleaning/Maintenance $47,793.00

Events/Programs $39,781.00

Security $39,374.00

Utilities $30,000.00

Administrative $13,819.00

Insurance $10,000.00

Advertising/promotion $6,500.00

Total Expenses $558,663.00


Income Surplus/(Deficit) ($52,552.00)

GCLEA Financial Review (2).jpg

Thank you for your dedicated support and passion for our mission.

To learn about our 2019 budget and how your support will positively impact our community click the link below.

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