Islam 4 Kidz


Are you looking for an engaging way to teach your kids about Islam and just don't have the time or the know how?


Are you looking for a way to connect your kids with the masjid and Muslim community?


Do you want your kids to make more friends of the same faith?



Islam4Kidz Sunday School is a one-of-a-kind program. 


It's a safe and friendly space for young Muslims to grow into their faith.


By joining our program they will meet great people and connect to the House of Allah in a meaningful and memorable way.


We offer classes in Islamic Studies and Arabic/Quran.


Our teachers are experienced and passionate. They love both their students and subjects.


Our goal is to impart knowledge that will help students build a strong foundation for a faith-filled future.


We aim to engage students through an array of teaching tools and techniques in order to make the topics relevant and valuable.


To maintain a high-quality classroom experience, each class has a maximum number of 15 students.


Our school meets on Sundays and follows the Cherry Hill Public School calendar.


We offer the following grades:

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st Grade

  • 2nd-3rd Grades Combined

  • 4th-5th Grades Combined

  • Middle School Combined



  • 10:45am - Morning Dhikr, Dua, Duha Prayer

  • 11:00am - Islamic Studies

  • 11:50am - Snack/Make-a-Friend Time

  • 12:10pm - Arabic/Quran

  • 1:00pm - Wudu & Sunnah Prayer

  • 1:15pm - Zuhr Prayer

  • 1:30pm - Dismissal


Important Dates:

  • Aug 25 - Sept 8 - Open Registration

  • Sept 8 - Student/Parent Orientation

  • Sept 22 - First Day of School


Sunday School is a members-only program. If you are not a member of GCLEA, you can register your child for Sunday School and we will contact you about membership.


Financial aid is available through our zakat program for eligible applicants.

Fees: $220/student

This fee covers registration, book fees, and annual tuition.

This fee is subsidized. There is no discount for additional children.

How to register:

1. Pay the one-time annual fee using PayPal below. You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment.

2. Use the PayPal shopping cart to add students in the same grade or "continue shopping" to add different grades.

3. Once you have completed the payment process, PayPal will automatically direct you to the student registration form. Please wait to be automatically redirected, do not close your browser.

4. Once you complete the student registration form, you are registered. In the registration confirmation message, you will be invited to join our dedicated WhatsApp group to receive important messages and updates.

5. If you are not a GCLEA member, by registering your student(s) you are agreeing to an annual membership and will be contacted to complete membership if you have not done so already.


Adult Study Circles


The Adult Study Group is a friendly space dedicated to softening the heart and sharpening the mind.


In these sessions, between15-20 minutes in duration, Imam John Starling will help you navigate the balance between religiosity and spirituality.


Please check our calendar for time changes.

Current and previous topics can be found below.

The Seeker's Mainstay/Umdat al-Talib

This study circle is dedicated to discussing the entire corpus of Islamic law according to the illustrious school of Imam Ahmad.

Topics range from worship, transaction, marriage, inheritance, and crime and punishment.


Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

Islamic Law Q&A

This study circle will focus on the basics of ritual purification. Subject matter will be delivered in a Q&A format and is based on Imam Musa al-Qaddumi's Elementary Hanbali Primer (Available on Amazon). Topics will include, purification, prayer, fasting, zakat, and hajj.



Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

Abridged Biography of the Prophet

This study group's aim is to get closer to the Prophet by becoming familiar with his life and the companions around him. This study group is based on the primer text, Abridged Biography of the Prophet and his 10 Companions by al-Hafiz Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi.



Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

The Golden Pendant/Qala'id al-Iqyan

This study group is dedicated to better understanding of the foundations of faith. Topics of discussion will revolve around the corpus of Islamic Doctrine and is based on the classic text, The Golden Pendant by Imam Ibn Balban.


Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

The Seeker's Way

This study group has 4 major areas of interest such as the inner dimensions of worship, pursuits of custom, destructive vices, and qualities of deliverance. This study group is based on the classic text, The Seeker's Way as abridged by Abul-Abbas Ibn Qudamah.



Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

Commencement of the Worshiper

This concise juristic manual, by the great scholar ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Baʿli, introduces the fledgling disciple to the illustrious school of the great Imām Aḥmad b. Ḥanbal.  This text presents the most common issues pertaining to the rites and rituals of worship i.e. purification, prayer, funeral proceedings, alms-giving, fasting, pilgrimage, and briefly touches on legal rulings and ethics of military service.  

Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.

Key to the Saintly Path

The following is an English presentation of a small treatise by Imam Ibn Shaykh al-Hazzāmiyyīn (d. 711), a medieval Ḥanbalī scholar and a mystic, entitled: “The Key to the Saintly Path” (Miftāḥ Tarīq al-Awliyā'). In it, he details the practical steps that you can apply in your day-to-day endeavors that will help strengthen your spiritual connection with Allāh Almighty.

Review or get caught up with the course videos posted here.