H.E.L.P. = Humanitarian & Emergency Leadership Program


This mission of the GCLEA HELP team is to provide aid and assistance during emergencies and to cater to the on-going needs of the members of the local community.

Our values are  reflected in the word C.A.R.E.

Community – We will serve the community in which we live and extend our hand of support to our neighbors.

Accountable – We shall be accountable to the community as well as to those who we serve. We shall do all we can to maximize the effectiveness of resources and meet the areas of greatest need.

Response – We will respond to events quickly and mobilize teams and resources to help people in their time of greatest need. We will do this by planning ahead and being ready to respond.

Empathy – We will treat those we serve with respect, dignity, and empathy. We will treat others like we wish to be treated.

This committee is made up of GCLEA Members and welcomes participation.

Current Committee Members and Contact

Committee Chair: Nazim Ahmed

Vice-Chair: vacant

Treasurer: vacant

Treasurer: vacant

Committee Activities

Please see the GCLEA calendar for all center activities.

This committee currently manages the GCLEA Food Pantry and is actively seeking food donations.

Committee Expectations

Committee Chairs are expected to:

1. Purify their intention and put forth their best effort for the sake of Allah.

2. Lead the committee by example as an active responsible member of GCLEA.

3. Lead the committee in meeting the community’s needs in an engaging manner in line with the center vision/mission within the scope of the committee.

4. Organize and chair regular agenda based committee meetings.

5. Encourage committee member participation and assign responsibility when needed.

6. Supervise committee member follow through.

7. Report meeting minutes to Center Director(s).

8. Attend committee chair meetings.

Committee Members are expected to:

1. Purify their intention and put forth their best effort for the sake of Allah.

2. Serve as positive role models for the community.

3. Demonstrate ownership of their roles and responsibilities within the committee.

4. Contribute ideas in line with the center vision/mission and take initiative in planning activities, events, etc.

5. Work as a team.

6. Maintain communication with the committee chair regarding meeting & activity/event absence and committee commitment.

7. Not miss more than 1 meeting per 4 meetings.

For more information about HELP please contact info@gclea.org


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