And turn your faces to Him in prayer at every masjid... [7:29] 


Caring for the soul by developing and nurturing a strong relationship with our Creator is the basis of a happy productive life. One of the most direct forms of connection with The All-Mighty is prayer. For that reason, we hold regular congregational prayers throughout the day and keep the center’s doors open for anyone who wishes to stop in for a quiet moment of devotion.


Build a MOUNTAIN of reward in Jannah!

The Prophet said, that Allah takes your charitable donations in His right hand and enlarges the reward for that person so much that it becomes as big as a mountain. [al-Bukhari & Muslim]

Friday Sermon Series


Eid Prayer - Cherry Hill

2019 Tentative Dates:

Ramadan 1: May 6


Eid Prayer

June 4 at 10 am


Dhul-Hijjah 1: August 2


Eid Prayer

August 11 at 7 am