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Upcoming Events

Sun, Sep 20
Google Meet
Islam 4 Kidz - Sunday School
Online religious and Arabic studies for kids grades K-8.
Fri, Nov 27
Men's Jumu'ah Service
Register for this week's Jumu'ah service.
Fri, Nov 27
Women's Jumu'ah Service
Register for this week's Jumu'ah service.
Fri, Nov 27
Prophetic Bedtime Stories, Part 2
Monthly bedtime stories of the most amazing Prophets for kids ages 5-7.
Sun, Nov 29
5 Esterbrook Ln
Green Muslim Meetup & Park Cleanup
Fri, Dec 04
Google Meet
No Family Left Behind
General Disability Awareness for Muslim Communities
Sun, Dec 06
Online Webinar
Roots, Part 2
A study of the self through knowing the Creator of the self.

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Imam John's Spiritual Secrets

Teaching Faith
Adult Study Circles

Learn about the inner dimensions of faith and devotion in a friendly and supportive environment.

Junior Salikeen

Mentorship-style after school program for ages 7-14

Islam 4 Kidz Sunday School

Relevant religious education for growing minds.

Worshiping God
Congregational Prayer

Join us throughout the day and experience the power of prayer.

Friday Sermons

Check out what you missed  or review what you loved.

Eid Holidays

Celebrate Eid with friends and family. Join us for a great community experience.

Serving Others
Nikkah Services

Let us help you officiate your wedding.

Religious Consultation

Our professional staff of religious leaders is ready to help guide you through life's most difficult challenges.

Food Pantry

Our open no questions asked food pantry operates with the give if you can and take if you need policy. 

Emergency Zakat Fund

Pay or receive zakat with our emergency fund.

Fitrana Qurbani

Distribute your holiday contributions to your local community.

Cherry Hill Free Clinic

The Cherry Hill Free Clinic is open to the public and is proud to serve the uninsured and under-insured.

Winter Coat Drive

Help us warm our NJ world this winter by participating in our annual coat drive.

Encouraging Connection
School Presentation

Would you like us to visit your class?

Mosque Visit

Would you like to visit a mosque? Schedule a tour today.

Local Chaplaincy

Can't make it to GCLEA? We will come to you.

Enriching Community

Young Muslim sisters call GCLEA home in South Jersey.


Young Muslim Brothers like to hang out at GCLEA.

Summer Camp for Kids

Join us for a great summer experience in a faith-friendly environment

Adult Adventure

Let's grow together by sharing fun and challenging experiences together.